Equipments for watchmaking



The CLA multi-calibers chronometric Cell is used to monitor and tune the performance of a mechanical watch movement or a watch.







Machines for the Watch Industry 

CLA offers several machines for the watch industry such as:


CLA 0/24H Station

Automatic station for rate control of watch movements or watches without straps

  • Measure at 0 and 24h
  • Integrated 24h Storage
  • Possibility to add measuring devices
  • Power reserve control e.g. 72h
  • Using a robot
  • Multi-calibers






Automatic station which wind the movement by the rotor

  • Loading/unloading unit inserts
  • Independent station or integrated in an SMS line
  • Multi-calibers
  • Winding mechanical watches






Manual winding station of watch movements

  • Control of the number of winding turns
  • Compact
  • Accurate
  • Silent
  • Ergonomic






 Demagnetization station of watch movements

  • Independent or integrated in an SMS line
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Demagnetization






Automatic screwing station of watch movements

  • Translation and rotation enable access to all positions of the movement
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Automatic screwing system






Automatic screwdriver with torque measurement

Compact station for workbench to ensure your assemblies screwed with high precision torque control.

Main features :

  • Screws  feeder by vibrating bowl
  • Preparation of the next screw in hidden time
  • Automatic screwdriver with integrated torque sensor
  • Preparation of the next part in hidden time thanks to the charging carousel      
  • Removable precision tool to ensures a precise positioning and a multi-types parts management
  • User friendly interface allowing various screwing positions and configurations dedicated by type of parts
  • Ready to be integrate in assembly line



Machine vision system

Our software is able to determine an accurate position, perform an OCR reading and perform aesthetic inspection.

Examples of applications:

  • Reading of the reference number of a watch movement
  • Recognition and positioning of a part
  • Inspection of control and aesthetics