Torque and Force sensors 


In order to measure torque and force, a large range of sensors is available. All these sensors are bidirectional, inductive or resistive type with a good linearity and negligible hysteresis. These sensors allow to measure torque less than 1 uNm and up to 1 Nm.


Sensor microforce

Force sensor SC-002

The CLA SC-002 is bidirectional, resistive type force sensor. The measurement system is composed of a semiconductor strain gage. The measurement shaft is made of a 0.5mm diameter axis with a positioning notch for calibration and measurement. The design of that sensor is specially made for a high resonance frequency.




LC-01 to LC-10 Force sensor

The CLA LC-01 and LC-1 are bidirectional, inductive type force sensors. The measurement system is composed of a displacement transducer which mobile core is linked to two leaf copper beryllium springs. The spring flexion measurement, which is proportional to the force to be measured, is performed by inductive sensor with carrier frequency. The measurement shaft is interchangeable, allowing the use of special shaft.





FORCE sensor

SC-002 ±20 mN
LC-01 ±0.1  N
LC-1 ±1     N
LC-5 ±5     N
LC-10 ±10   N


Sensor microtorque

TSF-000 to TSF-5 Torque sensors

The CLA TSF-000 through TSF-5 are bidirectional, inductive type torque sensors. The measurement system is composed of an axis mounted on flexible pivots with cruciform springs allowing frictionless torque measurement. The axis rotation angle measurement, which is proportional to the measured torque, is performed via an inductive displacement sensor with carrier frequency. The small rotation angle, approximately 1° for all measurement range, allows very good linearity and negligible hysteresis.





Torque sensors

TSF-000 ±100   μN.m
TSF-005 ±500   μN.m
TSF-01 ±1      mN.m
TSF-05 ±5      mN.m
TSF-1 ±10    mN.m
TSF-2 ±20    mN.m
TSF-5 ±50    mN.m
TSF-10 ±100  mN.m
TSF-30 ±300  mN.m
TSF-100 ±1        N.m




Universal Digimes


The Digimes Universel is a 5 KHz carrier current bridge for resistive, inductive or differential transformer transducers connected in full or half bridge. The sensitivity is adjustable by the user between 2 mV/V and 100 mV/V according to six measuring ranges. Gain and offset can be adjusted with potentiometers to allow calibration of the sensor.

There is also the Digimes Compact, dedicated to one sensor.